Gourmet Concessions

Billy's Hut

Billy's Hut specializes in gourmet style food. We cater our menu to each event and festival offering unique appetizers, panini sandwiches skillfully made with seasonal ingredients, delicious coffee beverages,  and sweet endings.

Canton OH 


Billy's Cotton Candy
Billy's Cotton Candy is made the old fashioned way, on a stick! Everything is better when on a stick. It is proven science! We leave all the junk out and make it all natural without the artificial coloring or flavoring. It's like eating a cloud sent from heaven.Type your paragraph here.

Billy's Bacon Barn
Billy's Bacon Barn is full of amazing treats made with, you guessed it, BACON! Tasty bacon made in so many ways that your mouth will water when you begin to smell these tasty treats. From Chocolate Covered Bacon to our signature Bacon Fried Funnel Cakes! 

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